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Web Basics
Web Basics
Create an online presence for your cutomers to find you!
$9.50 / month

Web Starter
Web Starter
Get your business information online for your cutomers to find you!
$17.50 / month

Information Basics
Information Basics
The perfect information package for businesses wanting a website presence. Provide your customers with your business information, address, and more.
$36.50 / month

Information Plus
Information Plus
The perfect information package for businesses wanting to provide a lot information to their customers.
$62.50 / month

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Categories > Website Packages
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Website Packages
Find a website package to suit your needs and get your business online quickly and easily at the lowest possible cost!

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Web Basics Package Information Basics Package Business Starter Package
Home page
Contact page
Password protected administration area

Only $9.50/mth!
Home page
Contact page
Up to 6 Additional pages (of your choice)
Up to 200 sub-sections total
Password protected administration area

Only $36.50/mth!
Home, Contact & up to 3 other info page(s)
Catalog (up to 200 products)
Shopping cart with PayPal
Customer Registration
Highlights (up to 10)
Password protected admin area

Only $56.60/mth!

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